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Customers Luger Collection on two 4 Gun Armory Racks

Customers Luger Collection on two 4 Gun Armory Racks

The Pistole Parabellum—or Parabellum-Pistole (Pistol Parabellum), commonly known in the United States as just Luger[4]—is a toggle-locked recoil-op...
Customer question about measurements.

Customer question about measurements.

Q:  I have a question about the measurements of the Armory Rack.  I have a gun safes that measures 26 inches the width of the safe.  I was looking ...
Liberty Safe Redesign with Armory Racks

Liberty Safe Redesign with Armory Racks

Before: Shelf Redesign: After with 8 Gun Armory Racks:


" I love the armory rack along with the accessory tray. I'm now looking for a bigger safe to house my rack.Great product, keep up the great work. Very happy to support a local Pro 2A business!!!"

Brett, CA

At a local gun show, I met the guys at RJK Ventures. Saw and was able to handle the Armory Racks.  I was impressed with the quality and workmanship and checked to see if two double stack Beretta M9's would fit on the rack, next to one another. They do - with space between them.  

Bill, Anaheim, CA

"My new Armory Rack and tray arrived today. The rack is well-made of real steel and coated to prevent any barrel or muzzle wear. If you carry it by the handles the guns and tray stay in place. My safe is now neat and organized. No more magazines falling out when I pull out a gun. I'm glad I bought it...probably need a couple more..." 

Bob, Ohio

"The MAG|Coupler works great!  I took it out to the range yesterday and cycled 100 rounds through with no problems."  

Mike, Yorba Linda, CA

Installation is easy and pretty straight forward. Remove the base plate off your PMAG and replace it with the MAG Coupler. Repeat for the second magazine. It literally took me 30 seconds to install and couple 2 PMAG 10s together.

Rommel, Glendale, CA

"Thanks for the 6 gun racks as they are awesome! They fit my shelves perfectly where it is the same length as the five gun rack from another manufactures gun racks that yours replaced, but holds six pistols instead of five. I've replaced all the versatile gun racks with Armory Racks. Great product!"