States such as California have my utmost sympathy regarding gun rights

Mag Coupler

By Michael O. Humphries

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Let me start off by saying all of you living in states such as California have my utmost sympathy regarding gun rights. I often cringe when I see some product engineered to comply with the byzantine gun laws in these localities. So I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw the MAG Coupler. Here’s a product that — while catering to shooters facing magazine capacity restrictions — is simply just plain clever and cool.


The MAG Coupler is devilishly simple in concept, but ingenious in application. Basically, it allows you to attach two Magpul PMAGs end-to-end, via the MAG Coupler replacement floorplate. Specific models are available for 5.56mm AR-15s, 7.62x39mm AK/AKM-pattern rifles and 7.62x51mm AR rifles. The 5.56 version is designed to fit Gen M3 PMAGs, the AK version AK/AKM MOE PMAGs, and the 7.62 AR version AR10 LR/SR Gen M3 PMAGs.

Say you’re restricted to 10-round magazines. With the simple addition of the MAG Coupler, you’ve now doubled your onboard ammo, with the second mag a simple flip away. The two 10-rounders stuck together will fit in many standard-sized magazine pouches, and the longer double mag provides improved magazine handling.
You might be thinking, “Okay, but I don’t live on the Left Coast, so why should I care?” The MAG Coupler also works on standard-capacity versions of the listed magazines. Yes, you can stick two 30-rounder 5.56mm AR or 7.62x39mm AK mags together for loads of range-time fun. Heck, dig up a few 40-rounder AR mags and you might — depending upon your height — be able to use it as a standing monopod. Just kidding; don’t try this.

The MAG Couplers are cheap, ranging from a whopping $9.99 all the way up to a mortgage-shaking $10.99. Seriously though, this is a really neat addition to your kit for a piddling amount of money. I tried out a 5.56mm MAG Coupler with two 10-round PMAGs and was impressed by the combo mag system’s stability and rigidity. It’s rock-solid. For more info:


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