Walther - The Early Years Models 1 - 9

The Early Walthers web site located here is dedicated to the early Walther pistols from the early 1900's with the model 1 patent being filed on August 07, 1909 though the model 9 that was in production in the WW2 era.  The site collects data to better understand all of the variations of each model in includes a wealth of knowledge on models, variations and serial numbers.  Some of the rare Walthers are also show including the model 6 that lost out to the Luger as the sidearm of choice for the German military in WW1.

The web site can be found at: http://earlywalthers.com/ 


Walther model 6

Walther Model 8Walther early



  • “Cliff Dixon – I would like more info. about my model 4 sn 107062 if possible.” Cliff your Walther model 4 is a late second variant and was likely made about 1917 of 1918. It is one of the more common variants and about 250K were made that are like yours. More info: Early Walther Pistols – Model 4 (earlywalthers.com)

    RJK Ventures
  • I would like more info. about my model 4 sn 107062 if possible.

    Cliff Dixon

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