Range Life - MAG Coupler Joins 2 10-Rounders

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 MAG Coupler Joins 2 10-Rounders (range365.com)

MAG Coupler Joins 2 10-Rounders

These floorplate replacements allow shooters in restricted states to train and compete with gear made for standard magazines.


  • Just got 3 off these installed on my measly 10rnd mags. Very good fit and secure. I kinda gave it a sort of torture test by flexing it and twisting the magazines, and they held tightly. I’m ordering more soon, thank you.

    Edward Cyr
  • live in nj. bought one for every two mags i have. easy to install and very sturdy.

    steve woodford
  • Great product I have 8 of the magcouplers w/16 10 round magpul magazine looks great in the communist state of New Jersey.

    Glenn Garwood
  • Great product. Works exactly as described. Highly recommend.

  • Ill be buying some in the future. Works great. Gives the appeal of standard size magazine look. While still being legal in a banned state. Also giving ample quick capacity with quick reload to help one qet outta Dodge if ever God forbid. Ya may be mass producing these within the current four years. Lol. Be ordering more soon.

    G cab

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