Scratch & Dent (Racks & Couplers)

No warranty is implied or given to Scratch & Dent items, they are sold AS IS and can NOT BE RETURNED.  Quantities are limited and orders are filled on a first come, first served basis.  Due to the nature of a Scratch and Dent, we are unable to provide a detailed picture of every cosmetic flaw an item may have. We feel that the price reflects the condition of the products.  


All racks are brand-new, and are being offered at significant discounts because of cosmetic flaws.  Cosmetic flaws can include chipped powder coat (usually on the corners), uneven powder coat on the plate surface, or scratches and handling marks from product-to-product contact in shipping.  See photographs for examples.  Each item has been thoroughly inspected to ensure that they function as designed. 




Couplers sold as Scratch & Dent are due to the overall tight fit of the coupler itself.  Our couplers use a series of teeth on both sides of the coupler to hold the coupler tight to the magazine body and during pre-production runs we may get units back from the molder that are just a little tight to fit to the magazine body without modifications.  Couplers sold as Scratch & dent will need to be modified by filing down the teeth of the coupler.  They can and will fit with modification. 
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