Bullseye "Quick Access” Wall Hanger Handgun Rack

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1 Gun Bullseye "Quick Access” Handgun Wall Rack
Mil-Spec M23053/1 Compliant Neoprene Barrel Protection included an Installed
Available in 1 and 3 Packs by Selecting Qty. Above

The Bullseye hanger pushes the gun away from the wall or flat surface 3/4" allowing for a very wide variety of handguns with tall front sights to use this hanger.  The design allows for both flat wall mounting and table top / floor surface mounting.  We also increases the angle to 135 degrees for an easier draw.  This version also has a 2 3/4" steel back plate as shown in the pictures. 

1 Gun Bullseye "Quick Access" handgun rack allows you to display or store a single handgun .30 or larger almost anywhere. Safely keep your handgun available to you when you need it. The wall mountable & surface (table or floor) 1 Gun Armory Rack comes with protective neoprene coating and cap to protect your firearm. Your mounting locations are nearly endless, offering the ability to mount the rack in plain view or hidden away.

1 Gun Mounting Instructions -  It is very important that your new Armory Racks® 1-Gun hangers be securely mounted to support the required weight of your intended firearms. Due to the variety of possible mounting surfaces, i.e., wood, drywall, metal, concrete, etc., fasteners are not provided.  Please be sure you use the proper fasteners for your mounting surface.          

The “quick access” racks ship with neoprene installed as well as the red cap.  The hanger itself will accommodate a .22 but the neoprene and cap will need to be removed by the customer.  Standard racks are designed for .30 and larger.  Contact us for special orders. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cody D Cunningham

I used these in a gun case, I bent the metal a little for a better angle and they are superb for quick draw capability. Will be purchasing more!

Very pleased with the result

Got my rjk ventures https://www.rjkventures.com/ bullseye pistol hangar to use in the stack on rack. Very pleased with the result. Used 1/4 inch lag bolts to secure to the studs.

Nathan Chipley
Your upper hand in an emergency situation.....

Save time, order the 3 pack! Quality USA made and the price is right. The Bullseye hanger has been perfect for my private business office. I chose to install my hanger near my desk in a ‘camouflaged’ area of a shelf amongst other items, safely hidden but quickly available in case of an emergency. I’ve tested it with several of my pistols from a lightweight .38 snub to a .357 big iron. The hanger is sturdy and I can trust it won’t harm by sidearms with its thick protective coating & cap. I also appreciate the angle of the hanger which allows many sight variations and mounting locations are practically endless. Great product!

Dennis, Chicago, IL
Great for personal defense

The Armory Racks Bullseye 1-Gun rack is an elegant solution to the for the problem of how to keep a personal defense weapon close at hand and accessible while still keeping it out of sight. The simple, compact design allows for an unobtrusive installation while providing easy access. The vertical orientation provided makes for a more natural draw in most situations.

Mark, Chesterfield MO
Great Product

The Armory Rack mount is an easy to use mounting system that can be installed quickly and expanded to handle as many items that you would ever care to mount.