Armory Tool™

 The Handgunners Multi-Tool

  • Loading Tool - Makes it fast and easy to load ANY pistol magazine. It's universal shape and size means it will work for any single or double stack magazines.
  • Unloading Tool - Save your fingers by using the unloading tool to quickly push rounds out of the magazine
  • 1911 Barrel Wrench - Clever tool for quickly and easily removing the barrel bushing on your 1911. Fast and painless!
  • .22 Rimfire Side-Button - For fast and easy loading of a .22 rimfire magazine.


"This small pocket sized tool makes it SUPER easy to keep in your range bag or gun case…It has several tools all in one, including a loading and unloading tool as well as a 1911 barrel wrench, it facilitates easy loading of any magazine. ALSO: the tool has a hole that is perfectly sized for the little Ruger magazine buttons, which can sometimes be difficult for people..." - Riley Bowman

"The only mag loader I know that will fit in my wallet and I can use as a 1911 Barrel Wrench. Simple and Genius... what more could you want?" - Jacob Paulsen


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