FAQ: Multi-Gun Armory Racks® (2, 4, 6, & 8-Gun Racks) (Patent No. D704,474 S)

Will the rack accommodate .22 caliber pistols?

Yes, the hanger measures 3/16” (.1875), so a .22 and a .25 will fit as long as you remove the plastic red cap and are not using neoprene on that specific hanger. The red cap is used for .30 or larger.


If I remove the red cap will the hanger damage my pistol barrel.

The hanger tips have been smoothed during the finishing process. That coupled with a powder coat finish offers a solution that is softer than your barrel and should not damage your handgun.


When you move or carry a fully loaded rack of guns do they hit each other?

Smaller caliber guns like .32ACP tend not to move much at all due to the limited space between the barrel and the protective cap. Bigger calibers guns will sway with movement, but they do so in unison such that they tend not to hit one another.


Can I bend the individual pistol hangers to raise or lower the mounted pistol if necessary?

Yes, there could be cases where pistols with finger rest magazines hang lower than desired and interfere with items in the accessory tray. In that case, simply bend the individual pistol hanger upward the desired height.


What is the recommended distance between shelves when using your Armory Racks?

8 1/4" is about the correct distance between shelves to enable you to get to the guns in the back of a safe and without having to remove the rack, including large handguns. The absolute minimum depends on the actual guns used. A full size 1911 on the rack in its shipping configuration is 6 3/4" high. This will allow the tray to sit under the guns as seen in the various pictures. If you don't use a tray the hangers can bend downward pretty easily and you can reduce the height requirement to 6".

  • 2 Gun - 4 3/4" H x 4 1/8" W x 8 3/4" D - without handguns
  • 4 Gun - 4 3/4" H x 8 1/4" W x 8 3/4" D - without handguns
  • 6 Gun - 4 3/4" H x 12 1/4" W x 8 3/4" D - without handguns
  • 8 Gun - 4 3/4" H x 16 1/2" W x 8 3/4" D - without handguns





Min Height between Shelves




6 3/4"




6 3/4"


Hi Power


6 3/4"








6 1/2"


Super Blackhawk

5 1/2"




Where are Armory Racks made?

We make all of Multi Gun Armory Racks in the USA!


I understand that the hangers for each gun are powder coated, are there any additional protective measures I can take to protect my barrel and crown?

We have done extensive testing and have found the powder coating to be sufficient protection for the handgun barrels.    

The hangers are made of mild steel, which is softer than the steel used in barrels.  In addition, the hangers are powder coated to a thickness of approximately 4 mils.  The powder coating is much softer than steel.  We have shipped many thousands of powder-coated-only racks for use with small caliber firearms and for those who elect not purchase neoprene.  We know from talking to customers that many choose not to use neoprene even when their firearms would accommodate the lager diameter hangers.  We believe that mounting a firearm on a powder-coated hanger is safe for the barrel, and we have never seen or heard of any issues.  In addition, keeping the barrel well lubricated is always a prudent thing to do.

We do though understand that some folks would like additional protection and now offer a user add-on kit to apply a neoprene coating to the hangers to offer additional protection.

Armory Racks® offer optional Neoprene Heat Shrink Tubing hanger coatings for .30 caliber and larger, that are Mil-Spec M23053/1 compliant.   Neoprene Heat Shrink Tubing is commonly used for applications in rough environmental conditions requiring a tough and flexible covering. It is resistance to water, solvents, and oils, and is extremely abrasion resistant. Mil-Spec M23053/1 specifications available on request.

How do you remove the neoprene coating so the rack can be used for .22 caliber?

First, remove the red end cap by firmly gripping it with your fingers and twisting as you pull it off. The red end caps are intentionally sized to fit tightly.  If you need a tool, such as a pliers, be careful not to damage the powder coated hanger.  Apply just enough pressure to grip the cap and twist it while pulling it off.  The installed neoprene wrap can be removed by hand.  Twist it at various points up and down the hanger to make sure it is not sticking.  Once you determine it is not sticking at any point, a slight twisting motion while pulling it off the hanger should remove it.  You may need to “work” it off a bit at a time. 


Once removed can they be reapplied?

The removed neoprene can be reinstalled, depending on how much it was stretched when removed.  A little silicon applied to the hanger will assist in reinstalling it into position. The old neoprene will retain the shape of the hanger, so make sure to reinstall it the same way.  If you have a heat gun, a little heat may help smooth out any wrinkles.  If the old neoprene is misshapen due to the way it was removed, you can purchase new neoprene wraps that can be installed with a heat gun.  The red end caps are usually not reusable, and we have replacement caps available on the website.