Took delivery of my 4 slot rack today

"Took delivery of my 4 slot rack today.  I ordered this to replace one of those nondescript gray foam three slot units that you see all around.  The biggest problem with the "Old Gray Mule" is that it took up too much space for three guns and the guns were constantly falling into one another since there was nothing holding them up aside from a small notch in the front for the dust cover and would not work with small guns like the PPK pictured.

I was skeptical at putting 4 large heavy guns into this rack and having it be stable.  That's apparently not a problem.  All the guns aside from an extra 1911 that I threw up there to fill it up have full mags for maximum weight.  Subsequent to the pictures I added the fourth mag to the 1911 and it did not change the stability at all.  The rack will stay upright and secure even if not pushed back to the back of a safe and does not have a propensity to tip over.

You can put just about any caliber on there including .22 (the 1911 frame on the far right is my Caspian/TSI .22 target gun).

The black gloss powder coat finish is high quality and the rack is well built.  The bottom tray (I ordered mine with the felt liner) is very useful for storing extra ammo, magazines, and a light or two.

IMHO this is a great solution for internal safe storage and I'm probably going to get another one of these for the workbench!" Joe, NC

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