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AR15, M4, M16 - MAG|Coupler™ - Magazine Coupler

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Fits: MAGPUL®  PMAG® AR/M4 GEN M3™ .223 / 5.56x45mm
US Patent No. 10126076 
Available in 1 and 3 Packs
MAG|Coupler™ Magazine Couplers enable firearms enthusiasts now have an effective way to safely and securely improve magazine handling. The patented product couples magazines by replacing their floorplates with a MAG|Coupler to facilitate more expedient and efficient magazine swaps without increasing the capacity of an individual magazine.  MAG|Couplers simply replace the floorplate / baseplate of your existing magazine allowing for the connection of two like magazines back to back. 
Please note: We are not able to accept returns on coupler products.  Please see our store policy for more information. 
A 1 pack comes with 1 coupler and requires 2 magazines, a 3 pack comes with 3 couplers and will need 6 magazines

MAG|Couplers™ use a series of teeth on both sides of the coupler to hold the coupler tight to the magazine body. 

They are designed to be very tight when installed and may require some force when being slid onto the magazine body.  This fit ensures a solid pair of coupled magazines supporting the recoil of the platform.  

A small amount of liquid dish or hand soap applied to the teeth of the coupler will greatly aid in the installation.


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