Jerking the Trigger - Armory Racks 2 Gun Rack Review

Review: Armory Racks 2 Gun Rack

When I reviewed the Armory Racks 8 Gun Rack, I had a lot of very good things to say about it. I was very excited to check out the new 2 Gun Rack based on that experience with the 8 Gun Rack.

Armory Racks 2 Gun Rack

Problem Solver

The new 2 Gun Rack may seem a little too small to be useful at first, but the small dimensions are part of the point. It has a footprint of just 4 1/8″ x 8 3/4″. This rack is a problem solver. You can fit it into places that you could never dream of fitting a larger rack. It can turn small spaces into useful spaces. Gunmart Blog posted a great picture of how the 2 Gun Rack makes those spaces at the top of a long gun rack into useable space.

I have a safe that has multiple shelves in it. I have my Amory Racks 8 Gun Rack on one of the shelves. The 8 Gun Rack is wide enough that it takes up most of the shelf, leaving only small sliver of space on one side. It turns out that this was the perfect size for the 2 Gun Rack. Now I have room to store 14 handguns in a space that could only store about 6 before the Armory Racks.

The 2 Gun Rack is perfect for those tight spaces in your safe.

Same Great Functionality

The little Armory Racks 2 Gun Rack has all of the great features that made me love the larger version. The Armory Racks hold the handguns in a unique way that allows them to be easily accessed with a full firing grip. The guns on either side of the one that you are reaching for can actually swing out of your way since they are sitting on posts that extend into their barrel. This allows Armory Racks to place the guns closer together than any other rack while keeping them more accessible than any other rack. It holds handguns with weapon lights attached or even handguns that are still in their holsters as Haus of Guns has shown.

This new Armory Racks 2 Gun Rack is just what my gun safe needed. I suspect that just about everyone can find a spot for one of these in their safes. Visit for more details and to purchase your own Armory Rack.

Disclosure: The 2 Gun Rack was provided to me, free of charge, by Armory Racks.

The 2 Gun Rack is barely wider than the handguns that it holds.

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