"At a local gun show, I met the guys at RJK Ventures.

"Wow, Thanks guys.

"At a local gun show, I met the guys at RJK Ventures. Saw and was able to handle the Armory Racks.  I was impressed with the quality and workmanship and checked to see if two double stack Beretta M9's would fit on the rack, next to one another. They do - with space between them.  If you move the rack with the guns on it, which can be done with the full compliment of eight guns, the grips swing a little and can touch (but the touching is less intrusive than laying the gun down on a hard surface (your wood dresser, night stand or desk). There is NO metal to metal touching.

When I got home I checked their web site and noted the dimensions, then checked my safe. I ordered a eight gun rack and was astounded at the fast delivery.

It worked so well, I ordered another eight gun rack and four gun rack to go with it. The four gun rack holds my revolvers with no worry about the widest part (cylinders) touching one-another. Left to right; Ruger SP101 2.25inch, K-frame 3inch , K-frame 4inch, N-frame 44 Mag. 5 inch.

I'll probably be ordering another 4 rack just to have on the work bench. The Armory Racks work great.

Now, all my handguns, except the .22s are on Armory Racks (they say the 22s will fit if the powder coated barrel insert is bare. I'll wait till they make a rack specifically for the .22. (with coating…)
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