8 Gun Armory Rack

8 Gun Armory Rack

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    • Store up to  8 handguns per rack, mix revolvers and semi-autos
    • Measures - 4 3/4" H x 16 1/2" W x 8 3/4" D - without handguns
    • Pocket-pistols to full size handguns are supported including calibers .22 and larger
    • Quality constructed coated welded metal rack with thick black powder coating
    • Protective cap for gun barrel protection (.32 and larger)
    • Optional increased barrel and crown protection with an add-on neoprene hanger coating
    • Optional under gun accessory tray for storage of valuable items


    Choose from 4 bundles or add neoprene hanger coating, an accessory tray or velvet tray liner separately from the Accessory Collection on this store.

      • 8 Gun Armory Rack - includes red protective caps
      • 8 Gun Armory Rack with accessory tray
      • 8 Gun Armory Rack with accessory tray and neoprene hanger coating installed
      • 8 Gun Armory Rack with accessory tray, neoprene hanger coating installed and a velvet liner for the tray (primarily used when storing an additional gun in the tray)

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