MAG|Coupler FAQ & Videos

​Q: My MAG|Coupler™ seems very tight when I try to install it?
A: MAG|Couplers use a series of teeth on both sides of the coupler to hold the coupler tight to the magazine body. They are designed to be very tight when installed and may require some force when being slid onto the magazine body.  This fit ensures a solid pair of coupled magazines supporting the recoil of the platform.  A small amount of liquid dish or hand soap applied to the teeth of the coupler will greatly aid in the installation.  For installation see our videos at the end of this FAQ.

​Q: Where can I purchase a MAG|Coupler™?
A: You can order directly from this web site. We also enable your local gun shop to sell MAG|Couplers, and can check with them to see if they are a stocking dealer.

Q: Is the MAG|Coupler a universal product that fits all magazines?
A: No, Each magazine coupler is designed to be used with a specific manufacturer’s magazine, by model.  Currently available models are listed on our web site, and we will be offering additional models in the future.  We welcome your feedback on what to build next; just let us know here.

Q: What is the size two 10 round magazines when using a MAG|Coupler and will they fit in a standard 30 round magazine pouch when connected?
A: Two 10 round magazines are almost the exact size of a standard capacity 30 round magazines and will fit in any standard 30 round magazine pouch.

Q: Are any special tools required to install the couplers?
A: No, Each magazine coupler is designed to replace the existing manufacturer’s floorplate on your magazine.  A simple jeweler's screwdriver (or equivalent) can be used to assemble and disassemble the magazines.  The existing magazine spring and button plate is retained and the MAG|Coupler is used to replace the floorplate for the magazines being connected.  Hang on to the manufacturer’s floorplate for future use.

Q: Once installed are MAG|Couplers permanent?
A: No, the design is very much like the standard magazine in how they are installed and disassembled. You can easily switch back to the standard magazine when desired.

Q: Once installed do MAG|Couplers increase the magazine capacity (round count) of my existing magazine?
A: No, the design does not modify your existing magazine capacity in any way.  The functionality and round count of your existing magazines does not change.  The magazine coupler simply connects two magazines together still requiring the operator to change magazines when needed. 

Q: Some states and localities have restrictions on magazine capacity; do MAG|Couplers fall under these restrictions?
A:   No, the magazine coupler are not magazines or ammunition feeding devices, they are simply a floorplate replacement allowing for the connection of two like magazines.  The owner should check your State, County, and Local laws for magazine size restrictions. It's your responsibility to comply with all Federal, State and/or Local Laws.

​Q: Where can I purchase a MAG|Coupler™?
A: You can order directly from this web site. We also enable your local gun shop to sell MAG|Couplers, and can check with them to see if they are a stocking dealer.



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