FAQ: Quick Access and Wall Hugger - Single-Gun Armory Racks

Will the rack accommodate .22 pistols?

The Quick Access and Wall Hugger racks ship with neoprene installed as well as the red cap. The hanger itself will accommodate a .22 but the neoprene and cap will need to be removed by the customer. Standard racks are designed for .30 and larger. Contact us for special orders.


How heavy of a firearm will the 1-Gun racks securely hold?

The Wall Hugger and the Quick Access 1-Gun racks are designed for handguns and constructed of all-steel. They will accommodate most handguns, even the larger caliber / longer barrel models. The larger the handgun, the more important that the 1-Gun rack be securely mounted with the correct fasteners.


What fasteners should I use?

It is very important that your Armory Racks® 1-Gun racks be securely mounted to support the required weight of your intended firearms. The strength of the all-steel hanger must be complemented by equally strong fastening to your mounting surface. Wood, drywall, metal, and concrete, for example, all require different very types of fasteners. If you are not familiar with the proper fastener to use, we suggest you visit your local building supply store or hardware store and seek their advice.


Can I mount the Armory Racks® 1-Gun racks inside my safe?

Yes, but great care must be taken to ensure a suitable mounting surface within the safe. Safes are often lined with fireboard, which is great for retarding the effects of a fire, but a poor mounting surface.


What is the size of the mounting holes for the 1-Gun racks?

The Wall Hugger and the Quick Access 1-Gun racks both have two 1/4‑inch diameter mounting holes.


What length screws should I buy to work in drywall if I position the magnet over a wood stud?

Drywall can range from 1/2-inch to 5/8‑inch thick. In order to penetrate the wood at least 3/8-inch, you need 1 1/4‑inch countersunk screws designed for wood.