FAQ: Magnet Hanger Armory Rack

Do Armory Racks Magnet Hangers come with fasteners?

Yes, they come with four 3/4-inch countersunk screws, suitable for mounting the magnet in wood, such as a shelf. The screws protrude 3/8-inch from the back of the magnet. The screws are not suitable for all mounting surfaces.


How heavy of a firearm will the magnet securely hold?

The grade N45 magnet is rated with a pull-force of 35.4 pounds. That force will accommodate most handguns safely. However, the size and shape of objects is also a factor in how securely they can be held. Items that are long, like a rifle, shotgun, or sword, are not recommended for use with a single magnet. The larger the handgun, the more important that the 1-Gun rack be securely mounted with the correct fasteners.


What length screws should I buy to work in drywall if I position the magnet over a wood stud?

No, they are not long enough. Drywall can range from 1/2-inch to 5/8‑inch thick. In order to penetrate the wood at least 3/8-inch, you need 1 1/2‑inch countersunk screws designed for wood.


What fasteners should I use if my mounting surface is not wood?

It is very important that your new Armory Racks® Magnet Hangers be securely mounted to support the required weight of your intended firearms. The strength of the magnet must be complemented by equally strong fastening to your mounting surface. Wood, drywall, metal, and concrete, for example, all require very different types of fasteners. If you are not familiar with the proper fastener to use, we suggest you visit your local building supply store or hardware store and seek their advice.

 Can I mount the Armory Racks Magnet Hangers inside my safe?

Yes, but great care must be taken to ensure a suitable mounting surface within the safe. Safes are often lined with fireboard, which is great for retarding the effects of a fire, but a poor mounting surface.


Will the magnet magnetize my firearm?

No, that can't happen. These magnets are actually 2 magnets inside the rubber housing. To magnetize iron, cobalt or nickel you have to follow a process by rubbing the north pole from the middle of the metal to the end on the item. In this case our magnets are positioned in opposite directions so you can't do that even if you wanted to.