Shelf Hanger - Handgun Rack - SMALL 8" Depth Shelves

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1-Gun "Shelf Hanger" Rack 8"
Clear off the shelf space in your gun safe and expand its capacity with Armory Rack Shelf Hangers. Therese hangers organize your handguns below the shelf freeing up storage space above the shelf. Optional neoprene hanger coating available and will be installed for you if purchased. 
  • Red Protective Cap Included
  • Optional Neoprene Coating 
  • For 8" Depth Shelves
  • Primarily used for handguns with 3" - 3 1/2" barrels
  • Sold in 5 and 10 Packs
  • Designed to work with handguns that are 7" or less in length and shelves that are at least 8" deep and 5/8" to - 1" in thickness.

    When the red cap or neoprene is used the firearm must be .30 or larger.  .22's fit on the hanger without the cap or neoprene.

     You have 4 options to chose from including:

    • 1-Gun "Shelf Hanger" Rack - LARGE 8" 5-Pack
    • 1-Gun "Shelf Hanger" Rack - LARGE 8" 5-Pack with Neoprene
    • 1-Gun "Shelf Hanger" Rack - LARGE 8" 10-Pack
    • 1-Gun "Shelf Hanger" Rack - LARGE 8" 10-Pack with Neoprene

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