Walls of the City Review

"You know, every now and again, you get something so simple... so genius...so helpful, that you instantly forget how much you paid.  Now in the case of Armory Racks, you get that feeling and THEN, you realize, “I didn’t even pay that much!” for this brilliantly simple idea.  This, is Armory Racks Gun Rack; and it is a fantastic way to organize your safe, add an extra hand to the workbench or many other tasks you can think of applying it to."

"The place where the Armory Racks really shine... is in confined spaces like this one.  As you can see in the picture to the left, not only does the Rack keep your firearms off the bottom of the drawer where they will knock around and present an unsafe, or at least potentially finish-marring environment, but it also frees up the space under the firearms for such things as speedloaders, magazines, and whatever else you can fit under there.  Optimization is always a good thing. "

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