Haus of Guns Video Review

"The “Rack” not only lets you store your guns with secure ease, but it also comes with a polymer shelf that easily slides in and out from the bottom where you can put spare magazines, ammo boxes, holsters, actually just about anything you can think of!"

"Check out the 2 gun rack if you get a chance. It’s inexpensive, practical and well made. For what it’s worth I use my 4 gun rack daily on my gunsmithing bench. I don’t expect I’ll use it’s 2 gun cousin any less indoors."
"RJK Ventures listened to their customers about adding a 2-gun version of the Armory Rack.  With the introduction of the 2 gun handgun rack they not only created a more compact version of the original, but they enabled a great way to safely store your carry gun without having to remove it from its holster.  Armory Racks have moved from inside the safe to the nightstand."  Eric Ebbinghaus, Haus of Guns - Gun and Gear Reviews, Hunting, and Outdoor Products

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