Gunmart Armory Rack Review

Review: Armory Racks Secure and Carry Handgun Storage Rack

I recently had a box show up at my door from the good people at Armory Racks. Inside was the very first offering from their brand new company (a division of RJK Ventures, LLC) which is based out of Aliso Viejo, California... the Secure and Carry Handgun Rack.  These products are in fact so new, that they only recently started shipping earlier this month, but you can look for an expanding product line to be available soon after this initial product launch. These racks are a very well thought out design that is aimed at solving the major underlying problem that all of us gun nuts have... Too many guns and not enough storage space!

The Secure and Carry Rack measures in at 4 3/4" high x 16 1/2" wide x 8 3/4" deep. They are very well made and come with a limited lifetime warranty (which you wont need). They are constructed of a rubbery/plastic coated metal rack with protective plastic caps for calibers .32 and larger (the caps are removable for smaller caliber handguns). They are also equipped with sturdy full-sized carry handles on each side to facilitate safe and easy carrying from place to place. You can store up to eight handguns per rack and the optional accessory tray fits nicely under the racked guns to allow you to store and carry even more gear, mags, ammo, etc.

These racks have a ton of uses... Of course, they are a phenomenal way to maximize space inside of a gun safe. By turning your handguns vertically Armory Racks create abundantly more room for storage while at the same time maintaining a functional space in which you can easily access your handguns. There is no digging through stacks of plastic gun boxes to get what you want. These racks keep eight handguns conveniently located and provide you with the ease of "grab and go". Turn the racks sideways inside your safe and you start talking about getting a really high volume of handguns into your storage space. 

48 handguns on 6 Armory Racks. This fits in 16 1/2" of space.

Another way these racks provide great functionality for the average consumer is the way they make carrying up to eight handguns so simple and easy. Gonna be shooting a bunch of handguns on your next trip to the range? Take the Armory Rack along with you to set on your shooting bench and you wont have to worry about space or damage to your guns. Do you need to carry a bunch of guns over to your work bench for cleaning or maintenance? Rack em up and carry them all at once. Heck, just buy an extra rack and accessory tray to leave on your work bench as an incredibly useful way to organize things while you are working. Solvents and oils are not going to effect the rack or the accessory tray one bit.

The Armory Racks also really shine as a way for gun shops or dealers at gun shows to show off their firearms in a display case or on a counter top. You can quickly and easily run a cable lock through the rack and each handgun's trigger guard.... making for a really cool way to do a Blue Gun display to show off lights/lasers.

So, if you are looking for a great way to add some much needed storage space to an already over crowded gun safe or you need the functionality and versatility these racks can offer, head on over to the Armory Racks website and give them a look. Armory racks are simple and effective. They are a quality product that will provide you with a lifetime of handy storage and organization, and they make a really great looking display for retail environments.

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