Bore Rope Cleaning Snake for .38 Cal .357 Cal .380 Cal & 9mm

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The RJK Ventures cleaning snake is the fast and simple way to clean your firearm.  Just a couple pulls of the rope with using your favorite bore cleaners will remove large particles, scrub out residue and leave your bore with a shine.  Each cleaning snake includes an embedded bronze brush and is caliber specific.

  • Quickly clean your firearm
  • Easily cleans rifles, pistols specific to .38 Cal .357 Cal .380 Cal & 9mm
  • One-piece design with built-in bore brushes
  • Extremely portable, lightweight and compact - take it to the range with you!
  • Brass weight on the pull cord for easy insertion and cleaning 
  • Machine washable, Solvent safe, use it hundreds of times


  • Overall length is 70"
  • Black pull rope length is 41"
  • Cleaning rope with embedded brass brush is 29"