Table Top - Display Handgun Rack

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1 Gun "Table Top" Rack

Great for display cases or taking pictures of your firearms. The 1 Gun table top or display case stand / rack allows you to display a single handgun .22 or larger.

Each table top rack comes with the red protective cap and can also be purchased with neoprene as an option.  If you order the neoprene option we will install it for you.

When the red cap or neoprene is used the firearm must be .30 or larger.  .22's fit on the stand without the cap or neoprene.

Note: Table top stands are designed to work with most handguns, but there are some exceptions.  Certain revolvers that have 5" barrels or greater and some semi-autos that have barrel lengths 6” or greater may have balance issues.  Contact us if you have questions about your guns.


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